BEVM Testnet RPC Server

For developers and projects involved with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), it is prudent to administer their own EVM endpoints. Relying on publicly available endpoints introduces hazards such as centralization and insufficient upkeep, rendering these systems vulnerable to becoming critical points of failure.

The BEVM team strongly advises projects to utilize and manage their own EVM endpoints.

How to build a RPC Server for BEVM?

Add the config.json file below when running an archive node.

  "chain": "testnet",
  "unsafe-rpc-external": true,
  "rpc-methods": "unsafe",
  "rpc-port": 8087,
  "rpc-cors": "all"

Use the config.json above when you initiate a BEVM Archive node on the testnet network, opening a WS/HTTP endpoint on port 8087.

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