Install docker on your VPS

Download the installation shell of docker officially

curl -fsSL -o

Run the shell

sudo sh

Establish a host mapping path

Find a path that is used to store data on your VPS, for example:

cd /var/lib

Make a new directory, and remember your path

mkdir node_bevm_test_storage

Fetch the docker image

sudo docker pull btclayer2/bevm:v0.1.5

Run a docker container

if you set your hosting map path, you will replace "/var/lib/node_bevm_test_storage" on your own and you need to replace "your_node_name" to the name you fancy.

sudo docker run -d -v /var/lib/node_bevm_test_storage:/root/.local/share/bevm btclayer2/bevm:v0.1.5 bevm "--chain=mainnet" "--name=your_node_name" "--pruning=archive"

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