Write a Contract

Welcome to the BEVM Development Journey!

Greetings, aspiring dApp developers! This tutorial is your gateway to decentralized applications on the BEVM Canary TestNet. Tailored for beginners, it offers a step-by-step guide to deploying smart contracts on this cutting-edge platform. Upon completion, you'll officially join the ranks of dApp developers.


  • Basic understanding of Solidity.

  • Comfort with software development tools and CLIs.

  • Familiarity with MetaMask.

  • Access to Discord, and Remix.

Estimated Time: Approximately 10 minutes.

What's in Store for You:

  1. Discover BEVM Canary TestNet:

    • Get acquainted with BEVM Canary, the primary network.

    • Dive into BEVM Canary TestNet, BEVM Canary's test network playground.

  2. Set Up MetaMask:

    • Configure MetaMask to seamlessly interact with the BEVM Canary TestNet.

  3. BEVM Canary TestNet Network Smart Contract Deployment:

    • Leverage Remix, the online Solidity IDE, to craft and deploy a straightforward smart contract on your local Astar network.

  4. Test Tokens from the Faucet:

  5. BEVM Canary TestNet Deployment Adventure:

    • Elevate your deployment prowess by extending it to BEVM Canary TestNet.

  6. BEVM Canary Mainnet Deployment:

    • Cap off your journey by deploying your smart contract on the BEVM Canary main network. Gain insights into the deployment process for production-level dApps.

Prerequisites Check:

Before embarking on this tutorial, ensure you've gathered the essential knowledge and tools.

Let's venture into the captivating realm of decentralized applications on the BEVM Canary TestNet!

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