BEVM Canary

When conducting transactions on the BEVM MainNet, BTC is required as gas. The Bitcoin network employs the UTXO model, while the BEVM network utilizes an account model. This implies that the usage paradigms of the two networks are different. However, we ensure that each BTC on the BEVM network originates from the Bitcoin MainNet, and there are comprehensive asset proofs available for querying on both the Bitcoin network and the BEVM network.

The following describes the calculation method of gas fees on the BEVM Preliminary Network:

BEVM transaction fees consist of three components: initial gas, real gas, and refund gas. The following are the calculation methods and their inherent relationships:

initial gas

real gas

refund gas

When considering the gas price on BEVM Canary (Chain ID: 1501), you might consider establishing it as a default configuration at 0.05 GWei. Regarding the gas limit, you can experiment with it on the BEVM TestNet and subsequently set it as the default on the front end.

If you want to view the actual gas situation for each transaction, you can browse:

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