Bridge PCX from BEVM Canary to Chainx

Use UI or Use Command

Use UI

How to Bridge $PCX from BEVM Canary Network to ChainX Network?

1 Download Polkadot.js wallet

2 Create a Polkadot account if you don’t have one before.

3 Visit and connect wallet.

4 Then you can see your ChainX address.

5 Or you can click the Polkadot extension.

6 Click “Display Address Format For” then select “ChainX”

7 Copy your ChainX address.

8 Visit

9 Input $PCX amount you would like to bridge and “Confirm Transfer”.

10 Then you can visit to check the balance.

11 You can also click “Transfer” to transfer $PCX.

Use Command(Taking macOS as an example)

1 Open your console

2 Enter the following code one line at a time, and wait for the Console to respond.

git clone
cd ChainX
npm install -g @remix-project/remixd
bash scripts/

3 When your Console tool displays the following content, it indicates that the above actions were successful. Open your default browser and enter Remix's official website: or click here.

4 After entering the Remix website, focus your attention on the top right corner of the screen, select the dropdown, and click 'connect to localhost.

5 Click "Connect"

6 Click "ChainXBridge.sol"

7 Click the fourth button from the left, 'Deploy & run transactions.

8 In the 'Environment' section, select the first one, "Inject provider".

9 Enter 0xd1543A52d770D32854fc5f5F076a74033D49D41f in the 'at address' field, and after entering, click the 'at address' button.

10 In the "Deployed Contracts" section below, select "withdrawPCX".

11 After expanding, as shown in the figure below, you need to enter two pieces of parameter. The first is the amount you want to withdraw. For example, if you want to withdraw 8 PCX, enter 800000000, as PCX has a decimal of 8. The second is to enter the public key of your ChainX address. Simply enter your ChainX address at to obtain the public key. After entering the above information, click 'transact' to send the transaction.

12 After sending, you can see your transaction hash in Remix's console. After copying it, you can view the transaction details at

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